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Discover, explore and present spatial insights with confidence


Make confident decisions about where and when to allocate resources

Combine your business data with our population knowledge in our intuitive, web-based spatial analysis application.


Visual storytelling

This intuitive, elegant mapping platform helps you visualise supply and demand data spatially. Transform your spreadsheets into a powerful, visual narrative that highlights patterns of change often hidden in the data. Seeing data through a spatial lens adds a new dimension to your planning efforts.


Pinpoint demand

The best way to analyse demographic demand is to visualise the data using a map. .id Placemaker helps you identify where and when target populations are spread, so you can quickly see demand hotspots and how they are changing. Combine with .id’s small area population forecasts to quantify the location and timing of future local growth fronts.


Network planning made easy

Understand where and when populations will change in the future to identify opportunities to expand (or rationalise) services or facilities. Start at a macro level, taking a bird’s eye view of population change across an entire city to see where demand is located. Identify growth fronts, zoom in and drill down to individual city blocks to pinpoint ideal locations. Easily build custom catchment areas to map demand spatially in relation to your locations.


Respond where and when it matters

Are your services and facilities optimally located to meet the underlying demand? Analyse where and when demand is changing so you can invest your efforts in the right place, at the right time. Map your supply points and those of your competitors, to understand the competitive landscape and see gaps in supply and market opportunities.


Improved access to demand forecasting

Put the power of exploration back in the hands of decision makers. Technical data management burdens are removed so you can quickly access the right data to answer your planning questions and focus more effort on implications and outcomes rather than digging through data and crunching numbers.


Compelling, sharable results

Location decisions revolve around maps, so it makes sense to have a mapping solution that helps you build and share visually compelling results. Transform complex data into a visually impressive evidence to ensure you communicate results in a way that sparks discussion and creates better buy-in and engagement with stakeholders.

Placemaker assists us to make confident decisions about when and where to invest for future school development in Victoria.

Patrick Love, Manager Planning Catholic Education Office, VIC


Spatial insights at your fingertips

.id Placemaker is a powerful spatial mapping platform that helps you make location decisions with confidence.

  1. See points of supply 
    Add your facilities, service locations, and infrastructure points.
  2. Thematic maps to show demand data
    Use customer penetration data from your business, the latest Census data or .id’s hyperlocal small area population forecasts.
  3. Define your geography
    See the world at the right level of geographic detail, right down to small local areas. Or define your own custom catchment area.
  4. Base map
    Select from road maps, satellite maps and hybrids of both as the underlying map layer.
Product features

Elegant, interactive mapping

Point and click to visualise information using layers on your choice of base maps. Easily customise and control map layers, edit styling, set your data parameters, and switch between year ranges and data types. Save the maps you create to return to them later.

Demographic demand

Population characteristics (age, education, income, housing, employment, migration information, social disadvantage etc) shown spatially to help you see where target populations are distributed, both now and in the future. Use 2016, 2011 and 2006 Australian Census datasets or customer data from your business.

Geography at every level

See spatial information from both a macro (Australia-wide) and micro (small area) level. Choose your geographic area – Australia-wide, States, Greater Capital Cities, SA4s (regions), LGAs, SLAs, SA2 (state suburb equivalent), SA1 (smallest Census geography) and small area geography (SA1-derived micro-geographic areas).

Point layers and thematic maps

Create collections of point markers to identify where services are located and where clients are drawn from. Easily layer points on thematic maps to quickly show service demand and areas of over or undersupply.

Micro-geographic future demand

Base your analysis on demographic data and population forecasts robust enough to support large scale investment decisions. The granularity of .id’s hyperlocal population forecasts lets you drill down into demand at the local level. Micro-geography population and household type forecasts are available by five-year or single year increments for population, age and gender, dwellings, households, household types, births and deaths, for single forecast years until 2041.

Custom catchment analysis

Easily build custom geographic catchment areas that align to your planning requirements. See the spatial distribution of customers in relation to business locations, analyse market penetration, and assess the performance of different locations. Overlay with demographic data to identify where the best opportunities are located.

What if explorer

Identify opportunities to expand (or rationalise) services or facilities by highlighting untapped areas with favourable demographic characteristics, future growth prospects and an undersupply of services. Explore ‘what ifs’, create scenario planning and discover opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Point and click reporting

Tap for an instant quick report snapshot of an area, export data and analysis as maps, or launch a full benchmarked report for more detailed analysis. Build customised reports to suit your needs and save your selections of areas and points for regular reporting. Export in formats such as Word, Excel, .pdf, and html.

Customised and accessible

We customise .id Placemaker to suit your business requirements. We’ll set up the system, manage your databases and convert your business data into valuable, geospatially enabled information. As a web-based platform, you’ll have timely access to information via a secure web-based login.

Training and support

Access ongoing training and support from the population experts to make the most of your subscription. Online tutorials are built in and our expert team is always on hand to answer your queries via email or phone.

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