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.id’s team of population experts combine an in-depth knowledge of people and places with interactive web applications to help organisations decide where and when to locate their services to meet changing needs.

What drives us

The .id team have an incredible curiosity and knowledge about the way in which people organise themselves into communities and cities.

We are driven by a strong desire to contribute to the development of a good society where everyone has access to housing, education, employment, social & political inclusion, culture, health, recreation and information.

Because of our passion for society, we are excited by the projects we engage in, and genuinely interested in the outcomes. This means we work very closely with our clients on scoping projects. We design projects that are pointy, practical and achievable. We draw meaning from data to provide insights that inject confidence into the decision making process.

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Who we work with

.id help you make the most of a demographic evidence base

Our clients include local and state governments, education providers, housing developers, retailers, health care providers, utilities companies, banks & insurers, sporting organisations and planning consultants.

We believe in collaboration and long, productive partnerships with our clients. Our customers use our online information tools and consulting services to make confident decisions about when and where to locate their services based on demographic and economic evidence.

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Who you get to work with

We are the largest team of demographic specialists in Australia and New Zealand.

The .id team is a unique combination of demographic and spatial analysts, urban economists, industry sector experts, IT and data management specialists, and the largest population forecasting team in the country.
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